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So we kind of have this tiny obsession with this show called Vampire Diaries, you may have heard of it. So, naturally we created this blog in order to fully express the compulsive reblogging of all things vampire diaries that happen to land on our dash. We wanted to spare our non-tvd (aka delusional) friends that don't watch TVD, so we created our own turf. We ship NINA&IAN obvs. But we hate Delena. jk. Delena is actually our life. No lie. Delena. is. our. life. Our life = Delena. Enjoy! :) P.S. Other shows: Supernatural, The Borgias, HungerGames, American Horror Story, Pretty Little Liars. Other Ships: Jee-an likes Forwood & Ezria. I pretty much ship everyone with Elena.  Nian Addicts in need of a fix
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Her hand tho *_*

Her hand tho *_*